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sceen ads Screen Ads

We have installed advertising media program on wide wall mounted screen TVs providing an excellent visibility for commercial ads. Please fill out the Screen Ads Form for sending us your information.
The advantages of this program are:
» Watch time: on average each of our clients spend approx 60 to 90 minutes in the coin laundry to wash and dry their clothes, which means each person is watching the ads for approx 90 minutes none stop.
» Time on screen: Ads are played for 15 seconds none stop and continuously from 6:30am to 10:30pm every day for 365 days per year.
» Cost effective: considering such a long time show and low cost charges, it is one of the most cost effective method of advertisement to run.
» Locations:
1- Wash and Walk Laundromat: Reseda blvd is one of the busiest roads in valley area with diversified demography enabling you to reach vast number of clienteles.

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2- Sangak Express Bakery:Sangak Express is a Persian sangak bread bakery. We opened this location in July of 2012, and already serve almost 4000 customers per month. The waiting time can be up to 10 minutes at our service counter. The TV size is 42".

sangak express


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3- Behnam RestaurantBaehnam Restaurant


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