Hardware and Computer Repair

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Hardware and Computer Repair

At Zigma Force, our objective is to offer an unparalleled computer services for those who are experiencing any type of data loss due to human error, hardware or software failure etc. We can help you through our wide variety of computer services.

What is Hardware?

Hardware Services

» Repairs: Providing a full range of onsite and remote computer services for laptops, desktops, wireless and network devices and components.

» System Support: Including design, maintenance, repair, system optimization, software conflict resolution, networks, service contracts and more.

» Upgrades: Bringing your commercial and residential systems up to optimum possible specifications.

» Cable/DSL: Working with you to select the best provider at the lowest cost.

» Wireless Networks: We can address a wide variety of wireless issues including conflicts between devices.

» Networking: We can help you with network design implementation and repair, and ongoing support.

» Service Contracts: With economic ongoing support customized for your residential and commercial systems, we minimize your problems and give you dependable service at a predictable cost.

» Onsite Training: We can customize training for you or your staff to handle occasional issues without the need to call us for more details.

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It’s our goal at Zigma Force to always provide great and high-quality service at a fair price.

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