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MODERN WEBSITE DESIGN is a full-service web design Firm. We can help you promote your business online with a great-looking custom website cleanly coded using modern, accessible, standards-based design methods. We can customize a pre-packaged template just for your business, or create one from scratch using your sketches and Photoshop files.

What is Web Design?

Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet in the form of technologies (such as markup languages) suitable for interpretation and display by a web browser or other web-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

The intent of web design is to create a web site (a collection of electronic files residing on one or more web servers) that presents content (including interactive features or interfaces) to the end user in the form of web pages once requested. Such elements as text, forms, and bit-mapped images (GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs) can be placed on the page using HTML, XHTML, or XML tags. Displaying more complex media (vector graphics, animations, videos, sounds) usually requires plug-ins such as Flash, QuickTime, Java run-time environment, etc. Plug-ins are also embedded into web pages by using HTML or XHTML tags.

The Main Steps for Website Design

  1. Setup your Goals
  2. Select a Plan
  3. Create your Brand and Contents
  4. Select a Template
  5. Design the website
  6. Develop the Website
  7. Check all parts again
  8. Go Live online

the specific steps for Website Design

  1. Getting a domain name
  2. Assigning a Host
  3. Activating an email
  4. Taking some new pictures
  5. Making a banner by Photoshop
  6. Making an active menu
  7. Creating new pages by Dreamweaver Software, CSS and PHP.
  8. Entering your information
  9. Adding Video, Music and Sound
  10. Opening an account for online payment system
  11. Publishing your site
  12. Promoting your web site
  13. Monitoring the traffic of your site

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